Want Longer Hair- Try Biotin

I, like many of you wanted a vitamin to help my hair grow, so I tried Biotin and I can say that it works. IT WORKS!!! Supplements are a controversial topic, so i have been putting off this post for a while. All i can do is share my personal experience, some may have had a different experience and that is okay, as we all respond to things differently.

I took Biotin for 3 months and I saw substantial growth, my hair grew 3 inches ( 7.5 cm) in 3 months. Ladies, even though you taking a supplement, you still have to be patient, supplements are not a magic potion.

You can find Biotin in a health store or Dischem and Clicks. How to find the right supplement? If you go to a store and they only have a Hair, Skin and Nail supplement, No Problem Ladies. Just look at the ingredients. If you do not see Biotin, check for MSM you will get the same results

A few personal Notes:

First – In South Africa I found that many supplements had MSM which gives the same results as Biotin so don’t stress.

Second – And this one is very important because it has to do with the dosage. I am not a medical practitioner, but in my experience I found that a dosage of 1000mcg worked for me. Anything less than that I did not see the results that I was looking for. I have even tried a dosage of 10,000mcg and I got the same results as 1000mcg. If you are not sure please check with your doctor.

Third – There are side effects, and they are different for each person, personally I did not experience any side effects (lucky me), but many people do. Side effects include, headaches, outbreak of pimples, stomach cramps and constipation.

Forth – Drink lots of water, you will feel thirsty and you will find that you will be going to the toilet a lot ( No. 1).

Fifth – I know many of you would like a specific brand that works, but it is all about the ingredients and the dosage in my experience, so find the cheapest brand with a dosage that is high enough for you. Celebs are promoting different brands, but it is all about what is inside those brands. Hope this helps, all we want is Biotin or MSM, these are the vitamins that aid hair growth not a brand.

Guys this is my experience with the vitamin Biotin and MSM. Sorry I do not have pics from when I started and the progress over the 3 months, I hope that by looking at my pics on Instagram you guys can see how far my hair has come.


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