Why use a Leave-in Conditioner?

We all use a conditioner right? Adding a leave-in conditioner to my hair care regime, has helped the health, strength and length of my hair.

Click the link to see a comparison between two leave-in conditioners. In the video you will see the application, results and the prices of both leave-in conditioners.

Comparing 2 Leave in Conditioners

So what is a leave-in conditioner and why add it to your hair care regime? Leave-in conditioners help to nourish and moisturize the hair, prevent breakage and split ends, (i think all of us would like to prevent split ends). It also softens the hair, tames frizz, (hooray for a solution to frizz) and it aids in detangling. We all know curly hair can be a nightmare to detangle.

Many leave-in conditioners have water as one of their first ingredients. Water is great for replenishing dry hair with moisture. What if you find a leave-in and water is not the first ingredient? No problem at all, leave-ins focus on sealing in moisture while ensuring easier detangling and smoothness. Both of them can also aid in prevention of damage/breakage, and strength.

In a nutshell using a leave-in conditioner will help add moisture to your hair, if your hair has been feeling really dry. Secondly, leave-ins help with strengthening your hair. If your hair feels weak and it is breaking, a leave-in is definitely a solution. And lastly, it adds shine and extra curl definition . Your curls will be popping…With such amazing benefits I hope you are using a leave-in conditioner and I hope you make it a staple in your hair care regime.



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