Hair Fall-Black Tea Rinse

Every morning we brush our hair and there is hair everywhere, in the bathroom sink/basin and on the floor. So I had to ask the question ??? how much is too much hair in the bathroom sink/basin or on the floor? So I went to Google and found out that we lose about 100 strands a day. That was helpful but I personally don’t have time to count the strands. So then I did more research and found out that if you have strands that are shorter than your hair length laying in the bathroom sink/basin or on the floor then that is probably hair that has broken off. You can go a step further and pick up a strand and if you see a little white bulb at the end of a strand then you can safely say that, that was the end of that hair strands life. The little peaces of hair unfortunately signify that hair has broken off during the combing process.

Here is a cost effective way to help if you feel that too much hair is falling out on a daily basis:

Black Tea:The caffeine found in black tea helps to decrease a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone aka DHT. This hormone is found in the scalp and aids hair loss. Black tea when used once a month can aid hair growth and thickens hair.

Back Tea Rinse: Add 3 teabags of your choice to 6 cups of boiling water and allow to cool. You can choose to wash your hair as normal and after shampooing and deep conditioning pour the tea rinse over your hair and let it sit for as little as 2 minutes or you can wrap your hair in a towel and let the tea sit for an hour. Some people rinse the the tea out with cool water because the caffeine can make the hair hard at times. Some people don’t have this problem so they leave the tea in. Some people use the tea rinse before they shampoo their hair. This is totally up to you.

Results:  I saw immediate results. The next day there was less hair in the bathroom sink/basin.


I drink green tea, and i use it as my tea rinse as well. You can any tea of your choice.


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