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Eco Styler Gel Review

I have read and heard great things about Eco-Styler Gel, and with all the hype around it, I had to try it.

I used the Eco-Styler Argon Oil Styler. The addition of Argon oil did leave my hair soft.


1) You do not need to use much product.

2) Gives your hair great volume.

3) Keeps hair soft and fluffy.


1) It only gave me day 2 hair.

2) It does not mix well with all leave-in-conditioners (leaves a white cast).

3) Not easily available in South African stores.

I purchased mine from an online store in SA, called African-Flair (Not sure if they are still open). They delivered within 3 days.

Overall i would recommend it, but it isn’t the best gel that I have tried. And it isn’t in my top 5 best gels.


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