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Best Hair Investment Ever!

In my opinion the best hair purchase a girl can make is a satin or silk pillow case. It has revolutionized the concept of sleep for me and my hair. No more waking up looking like Simba the lion. I wake up and my hair is layed. The smooth surface from the satin/silk pillow case does not cause any tension or static between your hair and the fibers from the pillowcase while sleeping. Your kinky, curly, coily hair glides across the smooth surface while you sleep, retaining moisture and reducing breakage. It is a must for us curly girls. Sleeping with a satin/silk bonnet or scarf will work just as good. On my paranoid days I sleep with a silk scarf on a satin pillow case lol… But over time and as your journey to healthy hair continues this little addition will make the world of difference and you will definitely see the excellent results. No more looking in the mirror in the morning and not recognizing the person looking back at you in the mirror.

I purchased my satin pillow cases at Mr. Price Home, I can’t remember the price, but whatever it was it was worth every penny.


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