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What is Natural Hair Porosity?

Porosity simply refers to your hairs ability to absorb and retain moisture.

There are three types of porosity:

  1. Low Porosity 
  2. Normal Porosity
  3. High Porosity.

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Characterists of Low Porosity Hair.

  • Curls take long to dry.
  • Products build up on your hair instead of absorbing it.
  • Natural oils tend to sit on your hair instead of absorbing into your hair.
  • When washing your hair, water tends to sit on your hair instead of absorbing into your hair.

Characterists of Normal Porosity Hair.

  • You have bouncy curls.
  • Your hair is little or low maintenance.
  • Your hair easily absorbs moisture.
  • Your hair holds a style well. 

Characterists of High Porosity Hair.

  • Curls absorb water easily.
  • Your hair requires more product.
  • Curls often look and feel dry.
  • Curls are often frizzy.
  • Curls dry quickly. 

Porosity Test:

  • If your hair floats on the top you have low porosity hair.
  • If your hair drops and floats in the middle you have normal porosity hair.
  • If your hair sinks to the bottom you have high porosity hair.


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