How to Cut Natural Hair?

I have been successfully cutting my own hair for about 6 years. I cut my hair every four months, so I do this three times a year. Cutting my hair every four months helps to keep my hair healthy and removes split ends. 

Click the link to watch the video:How To Cut Natural Hair

Tools needed:

  • Sharp scissors
  • Hair band


  • I start on freshly washed hair, deep conditioned hair. I apply a leave-in and detangle my hair. After that I two strand twist my hair. I make average size twists not too small, not too think. I end up with about 20 twists on my head. Next I tie the twist up with the hair band. Then I individually take out a twist and cut each one at an angle. Cutting it at an angle gives you control on how much you cutting and it doesn’t leave your hair with a blunt, uneven hair cut. Cut do this to each twist until I have cut every single twist. 

As I said, this has worked well for me, and I do this three times a year.   


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